Shaklee Distributor Malaysia

Hi, today I would like to introduce myself as Shaklee Distributor for Shaklee Malaysia. I will explainfurther on why you should choose me Nina 017-9050763 as your favourite Shaklee Distributor.

Shaklee’s products are meant to be distributed through  trusted Shaklee Distributor only. If you have ever encountered any of Shaklee Distributor that claims to be Shaklee’s Products Stockist, you can immediately report them to Shaklee as it is against the rules provided by the company.

Trusted Shaklee Distributor In Malaysia

As Shaklee Independant Distributor, I can provide you the best service as in providing immediate stock of products for my beloved customer. I also provides delivery of products right to you doorsteps.  You can check out my alternative website Pengedar Shaklee Salak Tinggi, Sepang dan Nilai for further information

Why you should choose me among the other shaklee distributors. It is mainly because I am currently in an active supports group that offers not only knowledge about products but also includes additional training on products knowledge given by certified medical health practitioner.

Our support group named as SuperStarzFamily consists of various leaders from wide range of background and were lead by Master Salwa and Master Ithnain. Master Salwa and Master Ithnain has wide knowledge and experience as a consumer and also business leader in Shaklee’s business. They have been using Shaklee’s products for over 20 years and still counting. Not that they only excel in business, they are also part of satisfied customer that were convinced by the value of Shaklee’s products and were determined to spread the awareness and the importance of keeping healthy body for a better life.

Master Salwa and Master Ithnain were the only business leader that have made their way to the top ranking leaders as Master Coordinator less than a year from starting doing Shaklee’s business. Being a person with medical-background, Master Salwa have broad knowledge that fits Shaklee’s business purpose which is in health field. As a Shaklee Distributor that is under their supports groups, we often attended nutritional workshops given by certified medical practitioner in order to equip ourselves with knowledge to understands the basic of why and how to helps our customers.  We aim not to only make profit but also in improving any health issues that the customers are currently dealing with. We were trained to provide the best consultation and continuous monitoring service. This is to make sure that the purpose of customers taking supplements are achieved. This is the most important thing to consider when you are contemplating about who you choose to deal with and why you should consider me and leaders in our team. My aim is to provide the best and most exclusive service regardless of where you are. If you are currently staying outside of Malaysia but intend to purchase Shaklee’s products, I also provides deliveries worldwide and fret not my premium service and consultation are available across the countries too. This is where technologies comes in handy.

As one of Shaklee Distributor, I make sure I can cater customers need by providing and keeping some ready stocks in order to make sure you don’t have to wait any longer. Believe me when I say, the stocks didn’t lasts that long cause they’re selling so fast!

Shaklee provides wide range of products, not only health products such as daily vitamins and supplements, but they also offers exclusive products for Healthy Beauty which includes exclusive skincare for daily use. In addition, they also offers variety of Healthy Home products which includes Clean Home Products such as Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, Dish Wash Concentrate and even products for your laundries too.

Shaklee also accepts any transactions using credit cards if you’re one of the cash-free person. Just inform me if you prefer using this as your payment method. If you have anything that needs further clarification do not hesitate to contact me Nina 017-9050763. Thank you for reading.